Welcome to Waverley Academy who joined the Astrea Family on 1st April

On 1st April 2018, Waverley Academy became the 21st Astrea Academy!

Waverley Academy is a school which is committed to providing a stimulating, creative environment so that all our children enjoy learning, make outstanding progress and reach their potential. 

Whatever the needs of a child or special interests they have, we aim to ensure that each and every individual thrives at Waverley Academy. We want the children here to have memorable experiences, build on what they know and can do and become confident life-long learners.

By offering a rich and diverse curriculum, we are constantly striving to provide high quality learning opportunities which engage, challenge and inspire all our pupils.

At the Academy, we believe that children learn best when parents take an active part in their learning. We see parents as partners in the education of their children and greatly value their contribution to school life.


Dianne Humphrey
Principal, Waverley Academy

Diane is a dedicated and long serving principal at Waverley Academy, which joined the Trust in April 2018. She is passionate about improving life chances for children and her vision is to turn Waverley Academy into the successful and outstanding school that it deserves to be, for the community it serves. ‘No goal is beyond our reach’.