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Teams Class Rollover

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Class Teams are built and updated using MIS data – that is, timetable data. This means the Teams are created and updated automatically depending on who is listed as the teachers and students in any class.

Because of this, it is important to understand that Class Teams only last for the current academic year. When the new timetable rolls over, a whole new set of Class Teams are created according to the MIS data.

When does the switch happen?

Existing Classes are archived, and new Classes are created, at some point before or during rollover. We work with each school to decide on the best time to do this as it is dependent on the new timetable being finalised.

It is possible to have access to the new Classes ahead of time (if this is agreed with your school) so you can prepare beforehand – they won’t be seen by your students until you activate them…

Can I keep using Class Teams?

You can use Teams before and after the switchover, but please do follow the best practices guidance below.

What happens to the ‘old’ Class Teams?

Existing Teams are archived – that is, they will still be accessible by staff and students, but they become ‘Read Only’ and nothing can be added or removed from them. This includes:

  • Conversations
  • Files
  • OneNote Class Notebook
  • Assignments

Can I copy resources and assignments from archived Class Teams?


Can I keep using an old Class Team into the new year?

Technically, yes. A teacher/owner can unarchive an archived Team…


  • That Class Team will become a manual Team and membership will not be updated automatically.
  • You will no longer get a secure folder for any new students under the files tab.
  • The Class Team will not be automatically archived again – you can do it manually when it is no longer required.

What if I want to keep it automated?

If the automated bits of Class Teams is important to you, then you just need to remember that, at the end of the year when the timetable rolls over, you get a clean slate – if you need to refer back to the previous year’s Class Team, then you can do so in a few clicks.

How do I view an archived Class Team?

At the bottom of your list of Teams (list view) or in the top right(grid view), click the ‘More Options’ button (the cog) > Select ‘Manage Teams’


Here, you will see your list of ‘Active’ Teams at the top, and if you scroll down, ‘Archived’ Teams below.

From here, you can view the contents of the Team in a Read Only state.

How do I unarchive an archived Class Team?

This can only be done by a teacher/owner.

Follow the steps above to view the list of Archived Teams.

Click the ellipses and select ‘Restore Team’ from this view.

Can I copy content from Class Notebook?

Yes. When you set up the Class Notebook in the new Class Team, you are given the option to copy content from an existing notebook – this includes the ‘_Content Library’ and the ‘_Collaboration Space’.

You can copy content from the student sections also, but this will take some time as it is not automated. You can do so by

  • Opening both old and new notebooks in the OneNote app on your Windows 10 device
  • Right click a coloured section tab for your student in the ‘old’ Class Notebook
  • Select ‘Move/Copy’
  • Browse to the appropriate notebook and student location in the ‘new’ Class Notebook
  • Click either the ‘Move’ or ‘Copy’ button

As this will need to be repeated for every section for every student you wish to copy over, our advice is to be comfortable with leaving last year’s work as an archive if possible (which can be accessed by students) and start from scratch.


It is important to note that there is a 250MB limit per section when transferring. It is always advisable to limit embedding too many files directly into OneNote for this reason (amongst others) – instead, store the files in SharePoint and link to them in the notebook.

What are the best practices?

The best and simplest practice is to consider how best to use Class Teams without needing to unarchive. If you are happy that you are presented with a clean slate with every new academic year, and that you can refer to previous years if desired, then there is nothing you need to do except prepare for the rollover. This might mean:

  • Ensuring there are no outstanding Assignments when the rollover happens. These too will be archived.
  • Ensuring your students are aware of where to go to access their previous files and OneNote pages – and that they are a reference only resource.

Don’t rely on Teams availability during rollover (for most, this is during August, unless your school rolls over early). As with anything technical, sometimes we hit unforeseen issues which may delay things a bit. It’s always best to have a Plan B…

The new Teams will appear for you as soon as they are created. They will not appear for students until you are ready. Feel free to set everything up and when it’s time to go, click the ‘Activate’ button at the top of each Class Team.

If you have questions

Please contact IT Support in the usual way

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