National Professional Qualifications

From humble beginnings with only six schools in 2016, we have since flourished into a close-knit network of 26 academies spanning across South Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire. Our primary objective remains ensuring that every child receives an exceptional education by actively dismantling any obstacles that impede performance while promoting a culture of academic excellence and growth among our staff and students. Our vision is to ensure that we deliver outstanding services to all our schools, thereby improving the opportunities and prospects of young individuals.


In partnership with Ambition Institute, we present a diverse selection of specialized NPQs and leadership programs. Our unique approach adopts a “bite-sized” structure, catering to the schedules of busy educators and administrators who wish to refine their skills and expertise at their own pace. Regardless of your career aspirations as a middle leader, senior leader, or headteacher, we have tailored programs available to perfectly meet your requirements.







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