Astrea Talent programme

Astrea Talent Programme

We believe that everyone has talent.  At Astrea, we want your career to flourish, nurturing potential through the Astrea Talent Programme.  This provides a defined career pathway, with associated personal and professional development way points and opportunities, funded by the Trust, wherever you start on the pathway.  From apprentice to senior leader, we are devoted to growth and fulfilment.  We want you to realise your ambition plus competence towards a brilliant education for all our pupils, giving them the opportunities they truly deserve.

Whether you are beginning your career with Astrea on one of our fantastic apprenticeships or starting out as an Early Careers Teacher, Astrea has a tailored development plan for you.  The Astrea Talent Programme has a wide range of apprenticeships available to both teaching and non teaching staff as well as a large suite of NPQ and ECT programmes available for our Teaching staff.

The 2025 Strategy – Astrea Academy Trust supports development for all staff and has an approach that ensures all of our professionals have high aspirations for themselves and those they serve.  Colleagues will benefit from structured career appropriate pathways, coaching and access to qualifications.

Astrea have created a wide range of Role Profiles and Career Pathways for all employees across the Trust.

Admin & Business Management Career Pathway

Admin & business Management role profiles

Attendance Career Pathways

Pastoral & Student Welfare Role profiles

Facilities Career Pathways

Facilities Role Profiles

Teaching & Learning Career Pathways

Teaching & Learning Role profiles

Specialist & Technical Role profiles