Edenthorpe Hall Primary Academy Celebrates Ofsted “Good” in all Categories

++ Astrea CEO hails “exceptional achievement” ++

++ Inspectors praise “strong culture of improvement” ++

A Doncaster academy that had been recognised as being “Requires Improvement” before joining the Astrea Academy Trust is today celebrating a “Good” judgement from Ofsted.

Edenthorpe Hall Primary Academy joined the Astrea Academy Trust in August 2016. At the time inspectors had voiced their concerns over addressing the improvements needed. Today, leaders and trustees are praised for creating a strong culture of improvement. Parents, carers, pupils, and staff all now recognise the progress made since the school became an academy.

In their first report since Edenthorpe Hall joined the Astrea family, Ofsted have concluded that the academy is “Good”. In particular, they that the school community wholeheartedly supports leaders’ vision and ambition for the school and its pupils.

Most notably Ofsted reports that:

  • Staff are very well supported to continue developing their teaching and leadership expertise. They make use of a wide range of professional development opportunities on offer through Astrea.
  • Leaders have introduced new approaches to teaching reading, writing and mathematics, resulting in increasingly consistent and effective teaching.
  • Children make a positive start to their learning in the early years. They make good progress and are well prepared for Reception.
  • Adults and pupils have positive relationships, built on trust and mutual respect. Pupils behave well and have positive attitudes to their learning.
  • A strong sense of community and a wide range of experiences and opportunities mean that pupils develop as rounded individuals.
  • Pupils are inspired by the first-hand experiences which they offered. This contributes to their positive behaviour and good attendance.
  • Pupils benefit from many opportunities to learn how to be safe and manage risks effectively. For example, they learn how to be safe online and when crossing the road.

The report highlights the enhanced enrichment opportunities available to pupils as part of the “Astrea Promise”, which has helped pupils find and develop new interests and has also played an instrumental role in strengthening parental engagement. Ofsted point to activities such as the choir, sports, sign language, gardening and baking, as making a strong contribution towards pupils’ personal development and well-being.

Inspectors comment that the headteacher has brought the school community together with a common sense of purpose, and outline positive comments from parents, noting that they very satisfied with the education their children receive. Parents say their children are well supported and have a range of experiences to support and enrich their development. They feel that the school’s approach improves their children’s confidence and independence, as well as their academic achievement.

Ofsted notes that current pupils are achieving well and making increasingly strong progress. The report states that new teaching approaches are resulting in more and more pupils reaching and exceeding the expected standards for their age.

Jonathan Moody, Principal at Edenthorpe Hall Primary Academy, part of the Astrea Academy Trust, said:

“It is incredibly heart-warming to hear the wonderful feedback from parents and that staff feel valued and take collective responsibility for pupils’ achievement. That’s what our school community is all about, it has pupils, parents and staff at its heart. The support we have received from Astrea can also not be understated – particularly the development opportunities for our staff. I am very proud of this report and its recognition of the hard work that everyone has put in to ensure our children benefit from an education that inspires beyond measure.”

Libby Nicholas, Chief Executive of Astrea Academy Trust said:

“This is a fantastic result – it is an exceptional achievement to go from being recognised as a school that “Requires Improvement” before joining Astrea to “Good” today. Most importantly though, these significant improvements mean that our promise to provide an education that inspires beyond measure is coming true for Edenthorpe Hall Primary Academy pupils. Today’s Ofsted judgement marks an important further step towards that – huge congratulations to Jonathan Moody and his inspirational team for all of their hard work and determination.”