Astrea Academy Trust

As of 31st March, Reach4 has been renamed the Astrea Academy Trust, as we embark on the next phase of our development.

With the excellent support of REAch2, during our set-up phase we have established strong foundations and, as a result, we have matured as an organisation much faster than originally anticipated.

We have a strong Board of Trustees providing effective governance, are in good financial health, have an experienced executive team and a robust school improvement model that is now operational. This level of maturity and stability means that we are able now to move to the next stage of our development.

To mark this new phase, we have decided to establish a new name for the Trust, and to create our own independent identity as the Astrea Academy Trust. Named after the Greek Goddess of justice and the stars, Astrea has particular resonance with the values that go to the very core of the organisation, and which will remain unchanged in this new chapter.