Astrea Academy Lands Top Spot for Maths!

Byron Wood Academy scores the top spot for its maths

Astrea Academy Trust is celebrating the fantastic achievements of Byron Wood Academy as it secures the top spot among all Sheffield schools for progress in maths in the national SATs tests taken by 11-year olds last summer. Newly published league tables show Byron Wood secured a score of 7.2 for progress – the measure of how well pupils progress from the start of Key Stage 1, to the end of Key Stage 2 when they leave primary school. The next placed school was Sharrow with a 6.0 score for progress.

Byron Wood Academy is part of the Astrea Academy Trust, having joined the As-trea family in summer 2016. The academy has taken a systematic approach to em-bedding the key skills into every maths lesson. From year two on, every maths lesson has a dedicated time spent on Skills Sharp – 10 minutes practising the key skills of adding, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Libby Nicholas, chief executive of Astrea Academy Trust said: “These are, quite simply, astonishingly good results for progress – Byron Wood did exceptionally well last year, but they have shifted up another gear and are now the very best school in Sheffield for progress in maths. We are extremely proud of the fantastic work of Satadru Ashton and her team – they have taken a systematic and disciplined approach and these results are testament to that.”
Executive principal Sat-adru Ashton said: “We were keen to introduce a daily diet of maths practice to improve fluency in maths.
“For at least 10 minutes in every maths lesson, our children practise their adding, subtraction, multiplication and division through Skills Sharp and 5-a-Day.
“So when it comes to the tests, it’s really second nature by then.”