Astrea Academies’ SATS Results Improved

Three South Yorkshire schools have come out top of the class in the latest SATS results.

Hartley Brook Academy, in Shiregreen, and Carrfield Academy in Rotherham have made improvements in reading, writing and maths of 22 per cent.

In maths, Carrfield scroed a 34 per cent increase in maths.

Edenthorpe Hall Academy, in Doncaster also put in a strong performance with a 26 per cent increase in reading.

The schools are all part of the Astrea Academy Trust which has seen a 13 per cent increase in the children reaching the required standard in the end of year six tests – rising from 32 per cent in 2016 to 45 per cent.

Nationally, 61 per cent of pupils have reached the expected levels, an improvement of last year’s score of 53 per cent.

Principal of Hartley Brook, Jim Garbutt, said: “Today we are so proud of our young people, they have worked hard and showed commitment to their learning.

“In addition, they have also achieved highly in sport, art, music and drama.

“We also congratulate the staff who have shown absolute dedication and parents who have supported their children in achieving such fantastic results.”

Principal of Carrfield, Andrew Crossley, was ‘delighted’ with the results.

He said: “They highlight the outstanding attitudes of the pupils who are a real credit to their families and to the school and the hard work and commitment of staff.”