Gender Pay Report


Astrea Academy Trust currently has 20 Academies, including 2 Secondary and one Special School, across the South Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire areas, operating across four local authority areas, Barnsley, Doncaster, Sheffield City and Cambridge.

The Trust Central function consists of an Educational and Operational Team, consisting of Inclusion, various levels of educational support from Leaders in specialist fields to Executive Director, Operational support across Estates, IT, HR, Finance, Projects, Business & PR.

The Gender Pay Gap Report is effective data on the ‘snapshot date’ 31st March 2017.

On this date Astrea Academy Trust employed 591 females and 91 males across 15 Primary Academies, whilst this displays a gap, effective use of pay scales are used across the Trust to ensure consistency.

Astrea Academy Trust Gender Pay Gap Statistics

Mean Gender Pay Gap: 18.18%

Median Gender Pay Gap: 19.33%

Mean Bonus Pay Gap: 0

Median Bonus Pay Gap: 0

Proportion of male and females receiving a bonus payment: 0


Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile;

Upper Quartile: Female: 82% | Male: 18%

Upper Middle Quartile: Female: 85% | Male: 15%

Lower Middle Quartile: Female: 89% | Male: 11%

Lower Quartile: Female 91% | Male: 9%


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