Gender Pay Report

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

The Gender Pay Gap Report covers the effective data on the ‘snapshot date’ 31st March 2018.


On this date Astrea Academy Trust had 1055 employees – 871 females and 184 males –  across 17 Primary, 2 Secondary and 1 Special academy.


Mean Gender Pay Gap: 20.46%

Median Gender Pay Gap: 30.22%

Mean Bonus Pay Gap: 14.5%

Median Bonus Pay Gap: 92.3%

Proportion of male and females receiving a bonus payment: 0.5%


Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile:

Upper Quartile:                                                                                    Lower Middle Quartile:  

Female: 76%                                                                      Female:87%

Male: 24%                                                                          Male: 13%

Upper Middle Quartile:                                                                      Lower Quartile:

Female: 75%                                                                       Female: 92%

Male: 25%                                                                                       Male: 8%



Please note the following about the above data:


  • The bonus % pay gap figure, in particular the median % gap, are of limited value as only 5 employees were paid a bonus/honorarium in this period
  • Though the data to some degree reflects wider patterns in the education workforce, through the new Astrea People Strategy we are examining areas that can help close the pay gap over time.  These include different approaches to advertising to attract wider pools of talent, promoting shared parental leave across the Trust, and greater job sharing opportunities.