About Us

Astrea Academy Trust is a family of 29 schools across South Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire with a proven track record of school improvement.

The Trust’s vision is to enable individual academies to flourish with real autonomy, whilst also ensuring a strong ethos of support and collaboration across our Academies sharing the same ethos and values throughout.

We value all-round development of each individual, through arts, sports, leadership opportunities, enrichment and community. This is encapsulated in the skills, qualities and personalities we foster in our pupils through a curriculum rich in knowledge and enrichment experiences and measured in our “Astrea Promise” passbooks. We do not subscribe to the ‘schooling’ stance of a results-driven philosophy but rather state emphatically that education is about much more than just attainment.

The Trust’s logo communicates our core values of collaboration, development and aspiration. The three figures come together in the shape of a tree, representing growth, whilst the tallest figure reaches upwards, towards a star, which is above and beyond the highest branch of the tree.

“Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.”

B F Skinner

Astrea Academies


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