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Astrea Academy Trust is a family of 27 schools across South Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire with a proven track record of school improvement.

The Trust’s vision is to enable individual academies to flourish with real autonomy, whilst also ensuring a strong ethos of support and collaboration across our Academies sharing the same ethos and values throughout.

We value all-round development of each individual, through arts, sports, leadership opportunities, enrichment and community. This is encapsulated in the skills, qualities and personalities we foster in our pupils through a curriculum rich in knowledge and enrichment experiences and measured in our “Astrea Promise” passbooks. We do not subscribe to the ‘schooling’ stance of a results-driven philosophy but rather state emphatically that education is about much more than just attainment.

The Trust’s logo communicates our core values of collaboration, development and aspiration. The three figures come together in the shape of a tree, representing growth, whilst the tallest figure reaches upwards, towards a star, which is above and beyond the highest branch of the tree.

“Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.”

B F Skinner

‘Inspiring Beyond Measure’

Astrea Academy Trust was founded in 2016, our values are bought to life every day by our Academies shared drive to improve pupil outcomes across all learning phases – every day is exciting as Astrea!

We are committed to ensuring that through every decision and action we take, all pupils receive an education rich in knowledge and enrichment – this is the cornerstone for our school improvement strategy.

‘Inspiring Beyond Measure’ embodies our passion by stating our commitment to ‘educate, not just school’. The Astrea dispositions of Resilience, Empathy, Aspiration, Contribution and Happiness are encouraged and nurtured in all of our students in our academies and also in our staff – at both the academy and Trust level.

Our work is underpinned by five core value partners: responsibility and leadership; aspiration and development; honesty and integrity; enjoyment and innovation and collaboration and inclusion. These are used as a measure of both individuals and schools whilst also guiding direction and change to ensure the Trust continues to progress.


Astrea Value Partners

“Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

The work of the Astrea Academy Trust is underpinned by five core Value Partners, which are equally applicable to pupils, staff and the work of the Trust itself.
Each pair of Value Partners is accompanied by a call for action in the form of a hashtag, which is used in verbal, digital and hard copy communications.
The Value Partners can be used as a measure of individual, school and Trust progress and as a guide to inform the direction of change.

Responsibility and Leadership

Individuals in the Astrea community are accountable for their own decisions and actions and are supported by strong leaders, while trailblazers are encouraged to develop skills and talents in others. The Trust has a strong commitment to developing and nurturing our own leaders. #4equity

Aspiration and Development

Every member of the Astrea community, from the youngest pupil to the oldest member of staff, is encouraged to cultivate opportunities to grow. We achieve excellence by being inspired to become the best we can be. The progress and well-being of pupils is our top priority, at the centre of every decision. #reach4thestars

Honesty and Integrity

We are honest and open. Astrea decisions and responses are grounded in time-honoured moral principles that remain constant in the face of challenges and change. #4good

Enjoyment and Innovation

We know that everyone learns best when they enjoy what they do and are in a position to follow their innate desire to achieve. Astrea pushes boundaries so that pioneering ideas are tried and tested so that our academies remain leaders in the advancement of teaching and learning methods. #go4it

Collaboration and Inclusion

Astrea honours and applauds the differences that make us unique whilst actively seeking and celebrating the common ground that binds us together as a strong community. We work together in a productive environment where dynamic ideas are shared in partnership, so that every member of the community may thrive. #all4one

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Do you share our values? Are you inspired to join us on our journey to deliver the best possible educational experience for children? If yes, please get in touch. #joinus
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Inspiring Beyond Measure

The Astrea Academy Trust is committed to encouraging the growth of character and personality alongside academic learning.

An Astrea Education develops the following skills and qualities in every pupil.


Strength through determination and quick recovery from difficulties


A stable and comforting learning environment through shared feelings


Aiming for the top and seeing others achieve brings out the best in everyone
Astrea Skills and Qualities


Each playing a part in producing positive results


Satisfaction and contentment lead to a better learning experience

# AstreaStars

“Reach for the top of the tree and you may get to the first branch but reach for the stars and you’ll get to the top of the tree.”  – Lemn Sissay, MBE

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