About Us

Welcome to Astrea Academy Trust. Starting out with six schools in 2016, we are now a thriving family of 27 academies and two nurseries committed to inspiring our pupils beyond measure. Using our collective expertise, strengths and networks, we aspire to become one of the leading multi-academy Trusts for early years, primary, secondary, sixth form, and special needs throughout South Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire.

Since 2016, we have committed ourselves to the work of transforming our schools and the opportunities they provide to their pupils. With a supportive network of academies, our senior leaders are encouraged to share best practice – and to lean on our strong central infrastructure, so that they can concentrate on our shared priority: delivering a brilliant education to our pupils.

Our values are bought to life every day by our schools’ shared drive to improve pupil outcomes across all learning phases – every day is a school day!


Astrea Academies


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